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The focus here is on people who make more money if they are Influential, Credible, and benefit from Exposure. People in the Advice Business are the product... whether they realize it or not.

Customers and clients are buying YOU as much as any product or service that you might be selling.

That's what Icon Builder Media is all about. That's what this FREE membership is all about - becoming an Icon in your industry so that you might leverage an icon status, separate yourself from the competition, and make more money with people you love to serve.

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  2. Mind Maps and Workflow charts. If you ever wished you had step-by-step diagrams of lead funnels, launches, and capturing and converting more leads your wish is about to come true!
  3. Custom tech tools. Not just any tools, these are tools my team custom-developed for Social Media, Infusionsoft and Internet Marketing that will dramatically separate you from the crowd.
  4. Be in the know with real-time event notifications for webinars and conventions across the country that I am participating in, speaking at, or sponsoring.
  5. Cut through the noise. You get full reviews of books, movies, products, and presentations that you need to know about, so now you can focus on what will have the most benefit for you without having to consume it all first!
  6. Free Subscription to Icon Advisor Magazine. Read what other successful people read - for free!
  7. Social Media Tools. Inspiring and sometimes funny posters that you can use in your social media marketing

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  1. Gift #1) The digital version of the book Zero to Hero in 90 Days or Less. This book is all about transformation and results in a short period of time. I wrote the first few chapters, and the rest is written by industry experts across the country. These experts have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, MTV, and the Wall Street Journal! Every chapter is either a best practice for your life or your business. (Value $19.99)
  2. Gift #2) A comprehensive review and analysis of one of your websites. My team will complete a 91 point checklist that will provide compliments as well as criticism on your website. Everything from social proof, to opt-in copy, to images, to design, to SEO will be reviewed and sent to you in an easy to read and understand report. (Value $497)
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